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Improving the delivery of Lidar data over Tailings Storage Facilities in the Australian mining sector

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The task faced by many large Mining Companies to quantify geographically large Tailings Storage Facilities surfaces and materials is an ever-evolving process. Quantifying material movement on facilities up to 5km x 3km with restricted access inside the walls, has it’s challenges.

Another obstacle involves scanning material that is <20% Reflective as such is the case where Iron Concentrate is near black.

DENADA Surveys was presented with the opportunity to improve the delivery of Lidar data over a number of clients Tailings Storage Facilities. Improving on the Aerial Lidar efficiencies that were in place at the time.

Items to be addressed:

  • Accuracy of Deliverable

  • Timing of Deliverable

  • Quality of Deliverable

  • And As always price efficiency

Health and Safety is always the largest factor to include in methodology planning and consideration of proposed solutions. Hazards always exist in the work environment. On the basis of capabilities of the 3D laser Scanner, some of these hazards can be engineered out.

Our Solution sat with the not new by any means, but the trusty workhorse - RIEGL's Z620.

Vehicle Mounted - Riegl Z620

  • Long range terrestrial laser scanner

  • Range of up to 2000m

  • Full field of view – 360° x 80°

  • Has the ability to acquire large quantities of point data in a short amount of time

  • Range – 2000 m

  • Accuracy 10mm

  • IP64 – Dust and Splash-water proof

  • Camera – Nikon D90 to create true colour point cloud

  • Mountable on our Mine Site Compliant Vehicles for STOP & GO capture

  • Robustness

Laser Scanning Time comparison.PNG

In car hardware includes the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1’s with Ri-Scan for the data acquisition control.

Processing up to 100 scans/day spaced around the TSF’s with Riscan-Pro and it’s Multi Station Adjustment solution, allows efficient registration ready for analyzing, cleaning, filtering and checking.

Mounted on the scanner with Leica or Trimble RTK GNSS receivers for X,Y,Z positioning and allow the MSA to adjust for Pitch, Roll, Yaw & Scale.

Histogram of Residuals.png

Benefits of the Z620 mounted and utilized as a stop and go include:

  • Speed in field capture

  • High level of safety

  • Cost Efficiency – 2nd Hand Affordability

  • Repeatability

  • Completeness

  • Reusability

  • Robustness

Sample data shown in the gallery below can be viewed on any device by following this link; 


Registered in England & Wales:
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